Friday, December 19, 2014

Oil leak and MPG

The 352 v8 the truck came with has an oil leak... EPA style problem. I got about 9 mpg on the drive over from California. So I was thinking about an engine swap to get a bit better mileage. The 1969 F100 I drove in 1989 had an inline 6, I don't remember 240 or 300. So I have always had that in the back of my mind.

I was searching Craigslist for "f100 | f-100" my standard search.

I found a 300/C6 transmission combo for $200! The kid needed money and I got to him first. Well, sorta. My truck isn't trustable to the distance I would have to go.  Gilbert to Wittman, Az

I had to get my brother in law's truck, and that proved to be tough...Thanksgiving week, Christmas choir concerts, it seemed like I would lose it to another person who could make it over quicker. However the kid stuck to his promise to sell to me. I got the engine and headed out to Roberts house to drop it off. Robert will help me rebuild it as soon as he has garage space.

A local FTE member had a Offenhauser DP intake for sale... and I got that and a Holley 4180 4bbl carb. I ordered EFI exhaust manifolds and need to source some exhaust parts next.

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