Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bump steer, steering stabilizer and alignment

After the DJM kit, AC, radiator and 3g Alternator upgrades, my truck came home. All the way there it drove like a skittish cat. I ordered the Moog SSD20 steering stabilizer. $52 from Jegs, O'Rielly had it for $90+tax. That was just too much of a difference to buy locally. Kevin at the tire shop installed it for me, he has a lift... I don't. $40, so all in $90 and I got some steering stabilization.

Alignment is a tough one on these trucks. The people that used to have the tools sold them, or sent them to scrap after not being used for months on end. In Mesa, Az I found Bailey's Brakes still did Twin I beam alignment. $60 later, she drives straight and true.

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