Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3G Alternator

Alternator died during the installation of the AC unit. I didn't want to put in the correct underpowered one. I hit the Pick-a-Part on Extension and Main in Mesa, Az. I found a 3g alternator in a 1996 Taurus. Pulled it and paid $34. One the way home I took it to Autozone and they tested it for no charge. Alternator was good! Sourced a fuse and holder from Napa. Sourced a carne asada burrito from Filliberto's and went to change it out on the truck.

It was simple, the alternator bolts to the same bracket. The pulley was swapped from the serpentine back to the V belt.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I live in Arizona or Install the dang AC quick!

I live in Arizona, I have a job. I WILL afford AC in this moving oven I call a truck.
I bought a kit from Nostalgic Air that included the underdash style of AC for this model truck.
A bit spendy at $994 but it should look good when it's done.

The truck was at Roberts house for the DJM kit install so I dropped this off and asked him to install while I was traveling. He said ok!  The install went ok, the fittings arrived as shown, Robert ended up at a local shop to get the fittings crimped on once he got the right length on the tubing. The fit on the underdash wasn't a "perfect" fit like it should have been. but overall it looks ok.

This did tax the radiator, and the truck was overheating... so a new radiator was ordered from Jegs and it helped alot. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hello, I am Robert aka The Keeme aka Dave Williamses'friend. I did a few things to the 67 Bumpside, here are a few pics and descriptions of what was done. Enjoy!

Lowered the front with dream beams from DJM and the rear with hangers and shackles. More details and stuff to follow.