Sunday, February 1, 2015


So, rather than sand the truck with a hand sander, I bought a Harbor Freight 6in air sander for $35 - 20% coupon.
This made a long job much easier. However, HF doesn't carry higher grit papers for this tool. So I ended up at the auto paint store for some 320, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 discs for it.
De-FORD-ed the hood.

Minus-ed the F100 emblem.

And sanded the truck. There is still some rust to take care of, but hopefully it's moving forward. 

I just want to drive my truck.

A little oil leak...

A little oil leak has become a full blown project.

A few months ago I got an inline 6 cylinder 300ci engine and C6 automatic transmission for $200 from Craigslist. I thought that the efficiency would be nice to have, and I don't plan on pulling any stumps out, so I don't really need a 5.8l V8. Well, the V8 started to leak some oil, and I thought it would be time to do the swap.

So, here is the engine...

And here is the transmission...

But since we are taking the engine out we should clean up the engine compartment, right? Well, I want to paint the truck anyway. So I should buy some paint and do the engine compartment the same color as the truck. So I went to the paint store. I found a great deal on some paint. $80/gal.

So since we are going to paint, now we need to do some body work. Floor pans, other lower metal and some roof area have rust that need to be repaired.

There is rust on the drip rail.

From the inside of the cab.

Sanded down the bubbling bondo. Oh the horrors....