Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I wanted the old school look of the smoothie wheel.
After a bunch of searching, I found that some of the vendors sold their wheels and center caps seperatly. I ended up picking a Cragar 15x8 5x5.5 all the way around. I will run a larger tire in the back to give it the look I am hoping for.

I ended up at about $345 delivered for the 4 wheels from Summit Racing.


While I was surfing the Ford Truck Enthisiasts forums I found a user named Trozi (Jackson) who had a 69 F100 that was beautiful. It became the inspiration vehicle.

Friday, July 18, 2014

DJM limbo... How low can you go...

I was deciding what way to lower the F100, Crown Vic front end, cut coils, DJM or AIM lowering beams. For the rear, remove spring, hanger flip or shackles and hangers.

I came across someone on FTE that was selling a slightly used kit. He had bought the DJM beams, shackles, hangers and shocks. All in the kit was over $900 and he wanted $600 shipped. I bought it and he shipped out to me quickly!

So, DJM it is!
DJM 3/4 drop kit

Monday, July 7, 2014

Disc brake swap

1967 F100 came with all wheel drum brakes. It works, but not the way I would like it to. So the answer is to find a donor 73-79 F100-F150 and take the disc brakes from it and transplant. I found a Craigslist ad for just what I needed. The cost was $300, and then the new parts I need to make it safe.
So for $300 I got the radius arms, beams, spindles, and calipers. There was no proportioning valve, master cylinder, or brake booster. I ended up sourcing those items from O'Rielly's around the corner from me.