Monday, September 22, 2014

I live in Arizona or Install the dang AC quick!

I live in Arizona, I have a job. I WILL afford AC in this moving oven I call a truck.
I bought a kit from Nostalgic Air that included the underdash style of AC for this model truck.
A bit spendy at $994 but it should look good when it's done.

The truck was at Roberts house for the DJM kit install so I dropped this off and asked him to install while I was traveling. He said ok!  The install went ok, the fittings arrived as shown, Robert ended up at a local shop to get the fittings crimped on once he got the right length on the tubing. The fit on the underdash wasn't a "perfect" fit like it should have been. but overall it looks ok.

This did tax the radiator, and the truck was overheating... so a new radiator was ordered from Jegs and it helped alot. 

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