Saturday, May 10, 2014


I had a 1969 F100 in high school. Primer grey, AC (not hooked up), straight 6, and long bed.

I got nostalgic and bought a 1972 F250 long bed. That lasted about 2 months and I realized I wanted a short bed if I was going to keep it for a while. So I sold the 72 and found a 67 in California.

My friend Rusty went to look at the truck for me, and said it was in pretty good condition.
I wired him some money and he picked it up for me.

A couple of weeks later, I took a flight to Irvine and drove the truck home.
It made it all the way to Goodyear, and the steering started to get a little rough. I powered through it and got home. I didn't want to risk getting stuck somewhere.
Once home I looked under the hood and found the power steering belt had come off and broken. Not too bad for a 7 hour drive in a 40+ year old truck I didn't know much about.

So here is how it looked when I bought it.

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